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Welcome to this site.

If you're from the UK, Poland or USA maybe the photo reports in the gallery

"traces world war 2" are interesting for you. (click on english version for the

dropdown menu)

Here you can find albums of the Airborne  commemoration and paradrop at Ginkel heath Ede. War monuments North and South of the river Rhine.

Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery. 

Rededication Service, Interment of ashes and funeral at Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery. 

Also the liberation festival Wageningen. And race to the bridge Oosterbeek.

The albums are regularly updated.

My name is Arie van Hensbergen. I live in the Netherlands. I like to travel

and take pictures. Together with my wife Jannie, I make nice trips and

take  pictures about anything interesting we see.

So I have a lot of (travelling) pictures. And why not share them then?

Maybe the pics inspire you to visit a place by yourself. Or show you

once again why you didn't want to go in the first place.The purpose of this

site is to let people enjoy the pictures I've taken.

At the right you can see some topics of the gallery. Many topics have my

interest. From photoshoots to military.

I did some TFP (Time for print) shoots to improve my skills.

In English version you can select the photo gallery you wanna see.

Feel free to contact me: info@arievanhensbergen.nl

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